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  1. We refer to all Anguillan International Business Companies, which we currently service as Registered Agent.

  2. As international provider of competitive products and premier services around the globe, the Mossack Fonseca Group conducts research and development to identify the best opportunities and solutions for our clients all over the world.


    Florida LLC

  3. We would like to take this opportunity to advise you that the International Companies Amendment Act of 2015 has recently been approved and assented.

  4. Resolution JD-014-015 of August 14, 2015, issued by the Coordinator of Regulation and Monitoring of Non-Financial Subjects, was published by means of Official Gazette No.27851-C of the Republic of Panama dated Friday, August 21, 2015.

  5. We are writing to update you on Draft Bill No. 182, which is currently going through the approval process in the National Assembly of Panama. It is expected to be approved within the next few days.


  6. The Financial Services Commission of BVI (FSC) has recently informed us that the Certificates of Good Standing (Good Standing) produced by the Registry of Corporate Affairs will be issued electronically. 


  7. The laws of the jurisdictions of the British Virgin Islands, Bahamas and Seychelles establish that companies are required to maintain accounting records of their operations.

  8. On December 11, Atty. Alvaro Almengor lectured on this theme at the conference bearing the same title (Business Opportunities in Panama and its Legal Framework), for Brazil’s Bar Association, Brasilia Federal Section, attended by 30 to 35 top lawyers of the country.

  9. An amendment to the Bahamas International Business Companies Act was recently published. Below you will find a summary of said amendment for your information.